Este curso, como ya sabéis, hemos vuelto a retomar la actividad English Week para alumnos de 1º ESO. Incluimos dos artículos que los propios alumnos han redactado sobre su experiencia.


Week II         Week IV


(By Sandra González and Alba Lacruz)

We had a lot of fun all day, but the day that we had the most fun was on Thursday because it was the party and we did lots of activities that were really interesting. We had classes in English all day and were so funny! We were talking about the countries that we had visited all day and, when we finished, we put a stamp on our passport.

In our opinion the food was tasteless. They can improve it. There were dishes that were delicious but others weren’t…

On Monday we had the welcome to the hostel and the part of the presentation was a little bit boring but the rest of the day was okay.

On Tuesday we did a lot of activities, but we didn’t get out of the hostel. We played lots of games and also it was the astronomy night. It that was really beautiful to see the stars without any light!

On Wednesday also we didn't go out of the hostel so it was a little boring day but we also did some fun activities.

On Thursday we went in the morning to the “Guisas caves” and it was very beautiful. There,  we learned about the history of the witches. They also let us buy some things for our parents. That day at night we had a very good party. We had a lot of fun because there were a lot of songs that we sang and we danced.

So in conclusion, we liked the English week and we recommend everyone to go there!



By Sofía Casaled, 1º B

I’ve recently been to the English Week. It took place in a small village called Villanua. We went there by bus.

Before we arrived,we stopped in Jaca so we could see the Ciudadela and after that we finally went to Villanua,they were quite close.

When we arrived,we left the suitcases in a corridor and then we went inside. The teachers introduced themselves and one of them designated our bedrooms as well as verifying the roommates we had. After that we went to the bedrooms with our suitcases and we left them. (I suppose that’s what they always do.) 

Now,the most interesting and important topic: the food! As always,a bit disappointing,but it tasted the same as the school’s cantine's,so we all know how it is. Some meals were better than others,but in general they were tasty,especially the second dish,which was the best for almost everybody.

The activities were very different depending on the groups.(Yes,we were grouped together thanks to our English level) Some groups were almost always outside whereas others were always inside. Apart from that,if we compare the activities in the morning with the activities in the afternoon they change A LOT. In the morning we only did vocabulary related to the country we had that day. But in the afternoon we did lots of cool activities outside. (there were also activities at night.) 

The worst part was the time of showering,we had to run (literally) so we could shower first and we didn’t have to wait a lot. The water took a very long time to get warm and it didn’t flow a lot,so we had to be quick and careful.

Bedtime was the best part. We spent a long time speaking with our roommates until a teacher scolded us. Although they told us to sleep early,we all fell asleep quite late. We were very rebellious as you can see.

The English Week is a great experience. We learned how to take care of ourselves,new things about different countries and,of course, we had a lot of fun! I really suggest you,dear reader,to go and discover what a complete English camp is!